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Ruslan Alehno – Belarus Eurovision 2008 Finalist Video

Ruslan Alehno at Eurovision 2008
Ruslan Alehno will represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade. The 26 years old singer won the Belarusian final with the song Hasta La Vista. Ruslan defeated in the final Litesound – “Do You Believe”,Gunesh – “I Can’t Live Without You” and Po Glazam – “Devochka Trechtysjachych Let”. The professional jury preferred him and Ruslan will represent his country in the semi finals of Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade.

Ruslan alekhno raised his popularity after winning National Artist2, which is the Russian version of Pop Idol.

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Teresa Kerndlova – Czech Republic Eurovision 2008 Finalist Video

Tereza Kerndlová will represent the Czech Republic for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade.Her song “Have some fun” beated the other nine songs. Tereza Kerndlová was born on October 6, 1986. She rose to fame as a member of Black Milk. When the trio split in 2005, Teresa started her solo career and released her first album “Orchidej”. Teresa Kerndlova won the majority of the votes and beated many hot favourites.

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Albania Eurovision 2008 Song – Olta Boka

Who will represent Albania in Belgrade? Olta Boka won this years Festivali i Këngës and, will represent Albania in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest! Her song Zemrën E Lamë Peng, gain a total of 67 points.

The professional jury took the decision. The first international television appearance for the young singer will be at the Euro Song Contest 2008. She showed true emotions when came back on the scene again to reprise her song. The Festivali i Këngës has a longer history than the Albania has in Eurovision Song Contest as a participant. In 1962 the festival was organized for first time as a scene for Albanian pop mucic. Since than it is held every year, but Albania was represented for first time in Eurovision Song Contest in 2004.

This year the semi-finals were on December 14th and December 15th.The final was on December 16th.In the interval acts the well known Swedish band Rednex and the Italian singer Neri Per Caso took place.

The final ranking of the songs is:
1. Olta Boka – Zemrën e lamë peng – 67 points
2. Flaka Krelani & Doruntina Disha – Jeta kërkon dashuri – 57 points
3. Juliana Pasha – Një qiell të ri – 54 points
4. Jonida Maliqi – S’ka fajtor në dashuri – 36 points
5. Mira Konçi & Redon Makashi – Nën një qiell – 35 points
6. Manjola Nallbani – Kjo botë merr frymë nga dashuria – 27 points
7. Sarmanta Karavello – Pse u harrua dashuria – 23 points
8. Greta Koçi – Natën të kërkove – 22 points
9. Mariza Ikonomi – Mall i tretur – 20 points
10. Eneda Tarifa – E para letër – 11 points
11. Kthjellu – Dhoma – 9 points
12. Rosela Gjylbegu – Po lind një yll – 8 points
12. Agim Poshka – Kujt i them të dua – 8 points
14. Teuta Kurti – Qyteti i dashurisë – 5 points
15. Produkt 28 – 30 sekonda – 3 points
16. Kozma Dushi – Tatuazh në kujtesë – 1 point
17. Devis Xherahu – Endacaku – 0 points

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Ani Lorak – Ukraine Eurovision 2008 Finalist

mai 6, 2008 Un comentariu

NTU, Ukraine’s national broadcaster has confirmed that Ani Lorak will represent the country in Eurovision song Contest 2008.

She has been two times national finalist, but now she has the chance in her third attempt. Her real name is Carolina Myroslavivna Kuiek and she is very successful Ukrainian singer and artist. She got popular after her participation in the Russian show “Morning Star”. Then she moved to USA and won the Big Apple Music Festival in 1996. She came back to her country and became one of the most popular and love singers. After qualifying from the semi finals to the Ukrainian national final in 2005 she was beaten by Greenjolly. But they were parachuted into the finals as a wild card entry. Ani Lorak is also a United Nations good will ambassador in her country and she helps to fight AIDS and HIV.

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Mor ve Ötesi – Turkey Eurovision 2008 Finalist

Mor ve Ötesi will represent Turkey at Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade.

The name of the Turkish alternative rock band literally means Violet and Beyond. The band is formed by the front man Harun Tekin (vocals and rhythm guitar). The other members are Kerem Kabadayı (drums), Burak Güven (bass) and Kerem Özyegen (lead guitar). Their first popular song is “Bir Derdim Var” (There is a problem). Last week they have entered in studio to record other three songs. Later this month special jury by TRT officials and other popular Turkish music professionals will receive the new three songs. One of these songs will be chosen to represent the country in one of the semi finals on May 20th and 22nd in Belgrade. It is not sure yet if the song that will represent the country will be in English or in Turkish language. The possibility the song to be entirely in Turkish is not ruled out yet.

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Eurobandið – Iceland Eurovision 2008 Finalist

Eurobandið will represent Iceland in Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. After eleven quarter finals and four semi finals, the audience chose the band with the song “This is my life”. That was one of the most favorite among the public even before the final. At the end of the show were announced the top three.

These are:
Eurobandið – “This is my life”
Mercedes Club – “Ho, ho, ho, we say hey, hey, hey”
Dr. Spock –“ Hvar ertu nú?”

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Tamara feat. Vrcak & Adrian – Macedonia Eurovision 2008 Finalist

Tamara feat. Vrcak & Adrian will represent Macedonia in Eurovision Song Contest. In Skopjefest 2008 fifteen songs competed but Tamara won both the jury and the public vote. In the second and third place were Risto Samardiev & Flash and Lambe Alabakovski.

Part of the show in Skopje was dedicated to Tose Proeski, who was killed in a car accident. Ruslan Alehno and Hari Mata Hari took part too.

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